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The Diploma of Music (CRICOS Course Code 031552M) is a fully- accredited undergraduate degree program offered across 6 study periods completed over 2 yearswithin the following program specialisation options:

  • Contemporary
  • Classical
  • Music Theatre
  • Audio
  • Composition & Music Production

The Diploma of Music program at AIM offers both introductory and foundation unit level study in each of the the above Bachelor of Music specialist areas. Students are required to compete 80 units of credit over their 2 year diploma program. 

Each Diploma of Music specialisation offers a mixture of academic, general studies, associated studies (electives) as well as participation in a major performance study or work as a capstone component over the 2 year program. 

Diploma Course structure 

General study areas cover: - musicianship fundamentals, introduction to music and performing arts technology, instrument (or audio, theatre) skills tuition, aural and music theory introduction, plus as overview of the arts and entertainment industry. 

The Diploma of Music degree will also provide students with specific skill and professional development opportunities right across their 2 year Diploma degree, - via individual and collaborative performance, practice and recording opportunities.

A sample study and subject plan of the Diploma of Music  (Contemporary) is provided here.

*(Please note that this outline is only a sample subject outline pertaining to the Diploma of Music Contemporary specialisation, and other diploma specialisations will offer different subject and progression pathways. We recommend that you contact our recruitment team to discuss the individual components of the Diploma of Music specialisation that you are interested in and they will provide an overview of that program for you)*. 

Pathway into a Bachelor of Music Degree 

Students who successfully complete the 2 year Diploma of Music program at AIM are able to progress onto the Bachelor degree program in their specialist major pending results achieved in their course.  Successful completion of the Diploma of Music with satisfactory academic performance will in all likelihood enable the student to progress straight into the 2nd year of their associated Bachelor program.  

Entry Criteria

Entry criteria and admissions procedure for the Diploma of Music across each of the 5 specialisations is exactly the same as for the Bachelor of Music degree.  Admission involves a combination of document provision (ID and prior educational achievement/ experience records) and the submission of a recorded portfolio of work, (precise portfolio contents depending upon your area of specialisation). International students will also have to provide evidence of English language proficiency (IELTS 6.0 or equivalent). 

Course Fees 

Current course fees for the Diploma of Music can be accessed via the below links:

2018 Course Fess - Domestic

2018 Course Fees - International 



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